2019 October 24 Stuff: DIY Rammed-Earth Passive House Involves Plenty Of Sacrifice

24 October 2019 by Jason Quinn

It’s great to see the progress Rochelle and Joel have made on their home. I grew up with a DIY-builder father, so I know how disruptive it can be to live in a construction site. We’ve helped out on other rammed earth projects, but theirs is the only one targeting Passive House Certification.

“Rochelle and Joel Payne of Beachlands, Auckland – a PhD student and former aircraft engineer – are a good example of many homeowners making huge sacrifices to follow their passion. Ironically, they were turned down for Grand Designs a couple of years ago, but there’s no doubt their pioneering project would have been one of those “slow burners”.”

“Not only will the house be highly insulated to certified Passive House standards, it will also generate its own power. And no waste water or sewerage will be exported from the site, which means it all needs to be disposed off right there, on a suburban section.”

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  1. There are plenty of sacrifices when you choose the DIY approach to building a rammed-earth house to the highest sustainability standards. first met this family in 2017 when they were digging the footings for a rammed-earth house, which they are building themselves. But what is even more remarkable, they are undertaking the Living Building Challenge.

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