Case Studies

Weekley Residence

Here is a stunning example of how Passive House efficiency can be delivered on a challenging site with multiple constraints, all without compromising design. The home was built for a family of four accustomed to warm, efficient housing in the UK whose cold, damp house in Queenstown had caused health problems. They tasked Architype with designing a home that would …


2019 153 m2
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Gibbon House

Ohoka, 2019 This North Canterbury house demonstrates that Passive House performance is not beyond the reach of first home buyers. One of the owners works for a supplier of high-performance building components and well understood the “massive benefits” such a house would provide his young family. His professional experience with multiple Passive House projects also contributed to a very smooth …


2019 166 m2
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Tombling House

Of late Wanaka is a hotbed of Passive House activity. The presence of several experienced Passive House architects in Otago, plus suppliers and tradespeople committed to high-performance building, doubtless contributes. But so does the climate, which is one of the colder inhabited parts of the country. The Tombling house stands in Hawea Flat, where winter temperatures will drop to -5C …


2019 201 m2
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Hartmann & Spranger Residence

This modern, compact home on a lifestyle block in the Bay of Plenty is delighting its European owners. After a dozen years in typical cold, damp New Zealand houses, it’s a welcome change to wake up to 18 degree temperatures throughout the house, without any heating. They also appreciate the lower humidity established by continuous mechanical ventilation. This project showcases …

Bay of Plenty

2019 125 m2
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Swan Residence

The first Certified Passive House Plus in the Bay of Plenty is delighting its owner/builders with the quiet comfort it offers. They’re also delighted with their power bills, which have dropped from $160+/month to about $20. Heating demand and load performance are well below Passive House maximums and no energy for cooling is expected. Timber windows from Thermadura were chosen …

Bay of Plenty

2019 146 m2
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Legacy Multi-family Apartments

The developer’s environmental and social conscience is driving this project, which is currently in its detailed design phase. The three-storey building houses four units; well-designed, comfortable yet modestly sized between 60-120 m² TFA. It will sit alongside detached family homes in a newer Auckland suburb, an example of the densification urban planners are urgently calling for. The developer is passionate …


High Performance Building 172 m2
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Roys Peak Lodge

From a holiday home to a luxury lodge; this Auckland couple are convinced of the benefits of the Passive House standard. The Georges own the first Passive House certified in the South Island,  George House, and are now working with the same architect again to develop a luxurious 11-room lodge. It will primarily be used for residential coaching clinics for …


High Performance Building 599 m2
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Toiora High Street Cohousing

This project is now complete and Certified as the first Passive House cohousing project in New Zealand. Project has been renamed from Dunedin Co-housing project and the case study is at Toiora High Street Cohousing.     In 2014, a small group of Dunedin locals came together with a vision to create a different kind of residential development. They wanted …


High Performance Building 627 m2
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Hawea Flat PassivHaus

This project is now complete and Certified as the first Passive House Premium in New Zealand. Project has been renamed and the case study is at Holmes House. Project updates on Facebook Page of Hawea Flat Passivhaus lots of timber framing beauty early in the project. This is potentially New Zealand first Passive House Premium. Designed by the experienced Certified Passive …


High Performance Building 164 m2
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