Case Studies

Te Whare o K&K

Te Whare o K&K is New Zealand’s most northern Passive House project by far. It’s one of only two north of Albany, at time of writing, and over 260km further north than Lower Saddle House.  It’s a paragon of good practice when it comes to Passive House design. This is hardly surprising given the client and Passive House designer is …


2022 90.4 m2
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Te Mata

   House Profile

New Plymouth

2022 213 m2
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Fairfield Office

The new purpose-built office for long-established Blenheim builders, Fairfield Construction, is a certified PHI Low Energy Building. It’s the first commercial building in the South Island to gain a PHI certification. Work had begun before a decision was made to aim for Passive House performance and the concrete slab was already poured when Sustainable Engineering began the initial design work. …


2022 47.7 m2
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Orr’s Residence

This successfully certified Passive House project in the top of the South is a SIP construction on an insulated concrete slab with locally manufactured high-performance windows. Informed clients led the push for energy efficiency, in part thanks to encouragement from a son in the construction trade. It was the architect’s first Passive House project, with Passive House design delivered by …


2022 201.7 m2
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Ballina Passive House

            Sydney architect Kylie Mills did her Passive House designer training in 2015 and she’s been moving her practice toward more sustainable projects for years. A determined and highly engaged client building in Ballina on NSW’s northern coast provided the opportunity for Kylie’s first Passive House project; and what a beauty it is.  The site …

New South Wales

2022 220.7 m2
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Mangawara Residence

   House Profile Read more about this project in this feature by Stuff.  

New Plymouth

2022 138.4 m2
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Woodlau Rise

Architectural Designer Glenn Murdoch was in the very first cohort to train as a Passive House designer in New Zealand and his practice is now entirely focused on high-performance buildings. He says all his clients now walk in the door with some degree of awareness of the Passive House standard. Woodlau Rise’s owner was no exception and Passive House certification …


2022 115.3 m2
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Tocker Residence

This Canterbury home is a terrific example of what happens when a client—and their architect—are brave enough to consider alternatives to standard floor plans and instead aim for a home that fits them like a glove. This beautiful home on an end section looks out over the river. It is very much a house of two halves, with the principal …


2021 97.2 m2
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Leith Valley Passive House

New Zealand’s newest Passive House Plus is home to a couple—and their two electric cars. Their latest monthly power bill was about $50, of which fully $30 was line and other fixed charges. And that’s in Dunedin, still chilly in October! It will be equally as comfortable and still miserly on energy even during heatwaves in summer. External blinds will …


2021 135 m2
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